How does good customer service bring repeat customers?

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How many times have you gone into a business looking for a specific item only to be “greeted” by someone who looked and acted like he got up on the wrong side of the bed? He mumbled when you asked a question and you got the impression that you were taking up his time. He pointed in the direction of what you wanted instead of taking you there. Or worse yet, you had to go looking for help only to find the person engaging in a personal call on his cell phone.

That’s good customer service? Not! I’ve owned a small lock and engraving business for 35 years and have had thousands of customers who returned because we gave them good service. We supply quality products and services, which is a necessity, but what good does it do if your customer has to put up with a grouch? They’ll go somewhere else just to avoid putting up with a grouch, even if the service isn’t as good.

Here’s what I’ve found out in all those years - if you want a person to become a repeat customer, there’s one word to remember – SMILE! Smile and the rest will come naturally. Cheerfully greet the person like you’re really happy he came into your store. Treat him as if he’s your only customer. Help him find what he’s looking for if he asks and carry on a conversation with him. Compliment him on something he’s wearing or carrying, his (or her) hairdo – maybe even the car if you see it outside the store. Get him to talking and listen to him – you’ll discover something in the conversation that he loves – grandchildren, ball games, boating, whatever. If you talk about that subject, he’ll love it!

And once you find out his name, call him by name and thank him for coming in. He’ll remember that you cared enough to visit with him and next time he needs a key or some engraving done (or whatever YOUR business does), not only will he be back, but he’ll become free advertisement for you. He’ll tell others that yours is the best shop ever. Of course, that will bring even more business to your store, simply because you were friendly to one person.

In summary, to get repeat customers, provide quality products and provide good customer service. Smile. Be Cheerful. Be right there when the customer walks in. Talk to the customer. Call him by name. Help him find what he’s looking for and yet give him “space” if he wants to look. Act like he’s the only customer you have. If you should happen to be waiting on another customer at the time, acknowledge that he’s there by a short greeting, or a smile and tell him you’ll be right with him.

Even if you are having a bad day yourself you don’t need to pass that attitude on to the customer. Leave that in the back room. Bring the smile and the cheerfulness to the front room with the quality service you plan to provide. That’s customer service!

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