How to provide a positive guest environment in order to increase customer loyalty?

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In order to achieve maximum customer loyalty a company must be committed to a positive guest environment. A business has to become consistent and driven in aspects that appeal to the customer. For example, if a customer is in a financial crisis and is speaking to a teller at the bank, the teller must commit to his or her duty and explain the ways he or she can help. The bank teller might offer a specific cash rewards card that could help the customer achieve lower interest rates. The bank teller could also refer the customer to a financial institution such as a credit union or a consumer credit organization. This shows the guest that the company is not just there for the customer’s money, but the company is there to guide, help, and assist one’s financial difficulties. Another way to increase customer loyalty is to render any negative experiences that guest has. For example, if a resort books a room for a family and they find it is not cleaned thoroughly, they most likely will call customer service or the front desk and complain. An absolute way to keep these guest as loyal customers is not only to fix the problem right away, but also add to the experience. The front desk could move them to a better cleaner room, as well as add a complimentary dinner or free tickets to a show. This shows the guest the hotel is doing everything in their power to ensure they have a good vacation. Guest are paying a large amount to stay at their resort and the company needs to make completely sure they feel comfortable and happy. This way when next year comes around, the guest will remember what happened and how well the hotel took care of them, increasing the chance of them returning for vacation. A customer loyalty is one of the most crucial aspects in a business. Without consistent customers, a company cannot grow at a substantial rate. Loyal customers will share their positive experiences with other people creating a large customer base. When providing a positive guest environment, your business will not only thrive, but be respected. The words and phrases used in a positive experience are those such as, “How is your day going?”, “Is there anything I can do to make it better?”, “I can certainly help you out.” Using key customer language will enhance their experiences and will be much appreciated. Do not patronize the customer with using the word “you,” instead use the word “I,” this shows the guest you are taking the responsibility and not blaming anything on the customer. Assuring a customer that they are the most important aspect of your business, will keep them loyal and they will rely on the company to help them. A positive and strong customer environment will make the guest feel secure in their surroundings and will undeniably increase their customer loyalty. A positive guest experience gives the customer a happy experience and will ensure a positive company review.

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